Frequently Asked Questions

Why have an Education Foundation?

  • To fund projects or equipment that cannot or has not yet been a part of the regular school district budget. The Foundation encourages and provides opportunities for innovation and excitement in education that would not otherwise be funded. Grants allow people to try out ideas, programs and equipment. Sometimes these new ideas or programs prove so successful that school administrators then institute them across the District.
  • To build an endowment that will grow and support programs for our schools in the future. Public schools are being challenged to do more for students at the same time that sources of funds for communities like ours are shrinking.
  • To act as a vehicle for people who want to establish funds to support particular aspects of the school program or in recognition of a community member.
  • To improve education for our children without asking the community to pay for it through taxes.

How is the Foundation related to the BH-BL schools?

Founded in 1999, the BH-BL Education Foundation is an independent, incorporated not-for-profit organization, with its own 501(c)(3) number.  The Foundation works in close cooperation with the public school district with a BH-BL school board member and an administrator as liaisons.

What has the Foundation accomplished?

It has made over 150 grants the the school district totaling more than $150,000 for educational improvements. Some of the recent projects it has funded are:

  • Components for multi-sensory rooms at the elementary and secondary levels.
  • Portable microscopes for outdoor science investigations to be shared among the elementary schools.
  • Cooking island for an elementary school developmental skills class.
  • Convertible stand-up desks for an elementary school and the middle school.
  • Recording microphones to record fluency assessments and stories.
  • Laser cutting and engraving system for the middle school tech program.
  • Brain-break activities for high school world languages.
  • Makerspace materials for an elementary school.

What are the future plans for the Foundation?

  1. To build an endowment to generate significant income for our schools. We now have $25,000 in endowment funds.
  2. To encourage people to consider the foundation in estate planning.
  3. To continue funding special projects and equipment to make teaching more exciting and enjoyable and to provide the best possible education for our children.

When and how can someone apply for a grant?

All the information you need to know to submit a grant can be found under the How to Apply part of our website. Grant are approved in two yearly cycles, Fall and Spring, with deadlines usually near the end of October and the end of April.

How does the Foundation raise money?

The Foundation needs the support of the BH-BL community and staff to provide the funds for enhancing learning experiences for the BH-BL students.

Activities include:

  • The Taste of Burnt Hills dinner every October
  • Payroll deduction
  • Bricks:  Over 500 engraved bricks have been sold and are located on the plaza by the gym entrance to the High School
  • Memorial gifts
  • Books: History and Cookbook