Grants: Spring 2011

Grant History / March 12, 2017 /

Cathleen Buff, Charlton Heights

Received funds to purchase an I-Pad to create listening centers for students to strengthen their Language Arts skills. By taking advantage of digital technology, Mrs. Buff will be able to easily store, share, and create read-alongs.

Grant: $588


Sabine Erickson, BH-BL High School Math Department

Funds were used to purchase 25 handheld units and an Active Board and Projector. The TI-Nspire CX is the latest generation of handheld technology for mathematics students, providing images on a backlit color display.

Grant: $4,600


Christine Gangemi, BH-BL High School English Department

Received funds to hire a qualified electrician to install lightning in the Blue Room at the high school so the room could be used as a little theater by English classes and as a venue for student poetry and plays.

Grant: $1,600


Katherine Kindl and Jill Gobel, Charlton Heights

Grant funds were used to purchase 2 pairs of Sennheiser headphones, 2 Sansa Clip & Players, 3 CHIPS of enhanced music, 2 Ball Chairs and Drive Thru Menu Cards for the development of a concentration station to be housed within a Second Grade classroom.

Grant: $750


Susan LaRosa, O’Rourke Middle School

Funds were used to purchase a Projectowrite interactive projector and screen.

Grant: $1,240


Peter North, O’Rourke Middle School

Funds were used to purchase an iPad, iPad 2 cover, and educational software.

Grant: $588


John Antoski, Brian Kane, Kelly Leone, Chris Lombardi, and Melissa Thomas

Funds were used to purchase, maintain and use for instructional and community purposes (to develop more awareness of alternative energy sources for the area) a wind turbine. This grant was initiated by students in Mr. Thomas’ Economics class.

Grant: $1,640