Grants: Spring 2012

Grant History / March 13, 2017 /

Jen Wheeler, James Hadcock, and David Besozzi, BH-BL High School

The funds will be used to complete the video production studio with the addition of Audio-Technica Pro 88W – Camera Mountable VHF Lavalier System and Yamaha MW10 10-channel Stereo mixer with USB Output. This will allow students to create videos such as newscasts without the visual presence of audio recording devices present, resulting in a more authentic final product. Students in the Business and Social Studies departments will use this studio in coursework and will be available to others as well.

Grant: $485


Carrie Roberts and Roger Kopa, Pashley Elementary

The funds will be used to acquire two document cameras to work together across two grade levels. The HoverCam T5 – HoverCam Document Cameras will allow the teachers to show images of primary documents (textbooks, student work and teacher work), which can be annotated. The images can then be converted to pictures or files to be used later or by students who were out of the room for the lesson.

Grant: $575


Betty Hanson and Kriss Ruby, Stevens Elementary

The funds will be used for six Kindle Fire Tablets to individualize the reading program. The teachers will be able to download extensive, appropriate material at any student reading level.

Grant: $1,200