Grants: Fall 2012

Grant History / March 13, 2017 /

Kimberly Ward, O’Rourke Middle School

The funds will be used to buy board games for an after school club designed to encourage appropriate social behavior among and between special education students and the general education population. An additional $100.00 was made available from a direct donation to the Foundation to be used specifically for a Middle School activity.

Grant: $200 from general funds, $100 from direct donation


Krissy Neddo, Pashley Elementary Library

The funds will be used to purchase four (4) sets “of Easi-Speak Recording microphones for student and teacher use in the library, classroom and therapy rooms. These hand held recorders interface with computers which can capture student work to be shared with students, their parents and for teacher record keeping. The microphones and docking stations will be stored in the library and circulated to all the buildings so there is an opportunity for different groups of students across grade levels to share this new technology.

Grant: $630 from general funds, $600 from Mary Egan Library Endowment Fund