Grants: Spring 2013

Grant History / March 13, 2017 /

Kate Zyskowski, O’Rourke Middle School

The funds will be used to acquire two Canon EOS Rebel T3i cameras for use by the O’Rourke Middle School Yearbook Staff. As Ms. Zyskowski states, “Learning to use a digital SLR camera will be a privilege and an exciting perk for the yearbook student staff members. The staff is made up of 20 middle school students (7th and 8th graders) selected after a rigorous application process. Some of these students will be on staff for two years in a row and will serve as leaders and teachers to the new student staff members. Having these veteran students teach their peers about the care and use of the SLR as well as the skills and tricks to capturing great middle school moments will be a rewarding experience for me as an advisor.”

Grant: $1,700


Juliann Della Rocco

The funds will be used $660 to purchase various books and games for the district’s mandated anti-bullying program. This will provide additional opportunities for students to explore this issue beyond the basic core lessons developed by the staff and made possible by the district budget.

“Students will be getting a very solid, consistent message that bullying is not acceptable, not nice, needs to stop, and that they need to do something if they are being bullied or witness it.”

Grant: $660


Regina Reals, BH-BL High School Science Department

The funds will be used to purchase six Chromebooks. Using Chromebooks, students will be able to communicate using 21st century tools. As stated in the application, “Collaboration is one of most important 21st Century skills that we can teach our students. The Chromebooks will allow students the opportunity to collaborate on projects – but since each child will have a “terminal”, all students will be responsible to participate and contribute to the final outcome. Google Apps for Education allow for this collaboration.”

Grant: $1, 200


Ann Derrick, BH-BL High School Fine Arts Department

The funds will be used to purchase 3 portable video/audio recorder devices (ZOOM Q2 HD) for use in the music classrooms and at rehearsal sites throughout the district. Each recorder comes with a built-in side stereo microphone system and LCD screen. The recorders will be used to record individual students or large ensembles, rehearsals and lesson groups facilitating constructive guidance and more accurate self-evaluation.

Grant: $800


Brad Thomas, BH-BL High School Wind Turbine Group

The funds will be used to purchase a DC Power Meter with Computer Data Logger Software and a Sunforce 50048 60Watt Solar Charging Kit to expand the kinds of renewable energies we are exposing students to. The kit is small and can be moved from classroom to classroom or around the school grounds. The purpose is to continue and enhance the close-up, hands-on understanding of renewable energy for the students.

Grant: $550