Grants Awarded: Fall 2016

Grant History / March 13, 2017 /

1.  Kevin DeBonis, O’Rourke Middle School Guidance

The funds will be used to purchase a 46 gallon Aqua Oasis Aquarium for the Counseling Center.

“Research in the journal Environment and Behavior suggests that a fish aquarium promotes the lowering of blood pressure and heart rate. In the world of counseling, especially at the middle school level, there would be substantial benefits to potentially 725 students. The calming effect would also be felt by students who come to the counseling center because they are upset by events that occurred at school, have a diagnosed emotional condition, or are dealing with grief or anxiety.”

Grant: $399 for a 46 gallon aquarium, tank background, and fish


2.  Kristy Fish, Pashley Elementary Special Education

The funds will be used to redesign the learning space for students with varying educational needs.

“Research of brain-based learning supports flexible seating as one part of redesigning a classroom. This redesign supports student-directed learning by increasing the level of independence as well as engagement, improves core strength and stability, increases oxygen flow to the brain and helps to use up excess energy. The benefits to learners would be limitless with a multitude of options for them to choose from and be in control of how they learn.”

Grant: $690


3.  Krissy Neddo, Pashley Elementary Library

The funds will be used to purchase materials for a modular, customizable and scalable Mobile Makerspace composed of a Pop-up Makerspace with the library of five kits to bring hands-on learning to teams of students.

“Makerspaces can be used by classroom teachers to spark an interest in STEM and provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and tinkering.

Grant: $2,518


4.  Krissy Neddo, Pashley Elementary Library

The funds will be used for lawn signs for kindergarteners and first graders who have completed the 1001 Book Reading Program. The signs would add to the motivation and positive reinforcement of reading and its critical role in the future success of students.

Grant: $360 from the Egan Fund