Grants Awarded: Spring 2016

Grant History / March 13, 2017 /

1.  David Besozzi and Kim Orlicz, High School Social Studies & Science Departments

The funds will be used to purchase Atlantis raised relief globes.

“Globes are beneficial and practical for both the Global History & Geography and Earth Science courses.  Geospatial analysis is an important concept that relates to numerous components of the Earth Science curriculum.  A few examples of Earth Science topics where students would benefit from the use of globes include latitude and longitude, time zones, astronomy, plate tectonics, climate, and oceanography.  Details such as mid-ocean ridges and ocean currents included on these globes make them relate to multiple units, and therefore increases their functionality.”

Grant: $348 for four globes


2. Jennifer Adams, BH-BL High School Science Department

The funds will be used towards purchasing lab equipment capable of performing PCR, STR analysis, gel electrophoresis, RFLP, and DNA analysis.

“DNA profiling techniques have been around since the late 1980’s / early 1990’s. Our biology students learn about these techniques and perform a paper and pencil version of the technology. As science educators, it is important to keep up with the fast pace of scientific discovery. It has been 25 years…..It is time to provide our students with an opportunity to actually use the technology and be the ones to generate a DNA profile.”

Grant: $2,000


3. Candy Goudey, Megan Bill, Kristie Robleno, and Tim Sinnenberg, Charlton Heights Elementary

The funds will be used to purchase twelve standing desks at Charlton Heights Elementary School.

“Maintaining student attention during instruction is a challenge. The need to fidget can be addressed in allowing students to stand during instruction and work time.”

Grant: $2,477.08 for twelve standing desks


4. Cheryl Bach and Peter Mody, BH-BL High School

The funds will be used for training for staff and students with both Mediation Matters and Learning Laboratories. The funding will allow for training enough staff and students to establish programs with a goal of being self-sufficient.

“The restorative justice approach to conflict resolution will benefit the entire student population and create a more cohesive and harmonious work environment for the staff. Developing social and conflict resolution skills is paramount to students being successful both in high school and life after graduation. As students navigate the stresses of school, friendship, home life and developing life goals, having multiple structures in place to support conflict resolution in a variety of forms is a wise course of action.”

Grant: $1,000


5. Karen Kersch, O’Rourke Middle School

The funds will be used as an initial seed to purchase and pilot the use of standing desks. These desks provide many advantages and have been shown to improve learning, increase student engagement, and allow students to fidget while still focusing on the class.

Grant: $250 for one desk.


6. Joanne Owens and Marcia Szablewski, BH-BL High School Corporate Sponsors Program

The funds will be used to purchase an entry-level cash register, register tape, an ink roller, and realistic “play” money.

“Many [students in this program] have difficulty counting money and although they may be placed in retail settings, they are not always provided the hands-on opportunity to conduct cash transactions. Having a cash register in our classroom will provide the opportunity for students to learn consumer math skills in a comfortable setting with repetitive hands-on instruction.”

Grant: $275


7. Nick Morocco, O’Rourke Middle School

The funds will be used towards the purchase of an Epilog Laser Cutting and Engraving System.

“The best way to prepare our students for the way products are manufactured today and in the future is to allow them to operate this type of machinery in an educational environment. Using this type of machine with these capabilities opens up avenues for understanding that cannot be replicated through simulation and that the current equipment in the lab cannot perform. The ability of having students design and then fabricate with the help of a machine will be an important 21st century skill.”

Grant: $2,000


8. Audrey King, O’Rourke Middle School Speech Therapist

The funds will be used towards the purchase of curricular materials to support a program teaching social cognition.

Grant: $1,000


9. Katherine Kindl and Alison Noakes, Charlton Heights Elementary

The funds will be used to expand the existing Multi-Sensory Experience Room.

“Students from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade have used the room to develop their awareness of what calms and organizes them as well as what environments support their creativity. We have also brought some of the equipment into classrooms so that a whole class may share an experience together. These activities and the Multi-Sensory Experience Room have supported the development of Science, Health, English Language Arts, Drama, social-emotional well-being, and problem solving skills.”

Grant: $693